Web Research

Searching business related information with innovative search ideas, using most authentic sources , which helps in  accelerating business growth and generating more sales.  We have access to database of linkedin, zoominfo, hoover, jigsaw and yellowpages.

Fast-pro provides research (emails, contact information, financial details), evaluation (case studies, products research, market analysis), management consulting (reviews of services, systems and structures) and small business planning.

IT support

Remote System support:- Managing applications and software through remote system support, providing solution on software and applications.

Web development :  We have expertise in .NET , MVC, C#  , WordPress  PHP  JavaScript  JQuery  MySQL  XML  XHTML  CSS  Joomla  Drupal  DHTML . Managing existing websites and developing new websites on mentioned  technologies.


We have expertise in web designing, logo designing and photoshop. Working with high quality images, designing attractive web pages and editing of product images with high resolutions.

Digital Marketing

Ad-words and other digital marketing techniques such as banner ads, Product Listing Ads, Facebook Ads, Promoted Posts, LinkedIn Ads, pop ups etc form a part of our integrated campaigning approach. Research plays a key role here. Our experts spend considerable time and effort studying objectives of each campaign and its alignment with the overall goal of the company, before a phased campaign plan is developed and shared with the delivery team The phased plan involves multiple campaign waves for each objective and utilizes channels like social advertising, google advertising, banner ads, telephony services like Click to call, Miss call to call, SMS to call etc. Another aspect that should be of keen interest to brands is Re-marketing. Re-Marketing is done on your website visitors who visited your website but dropped out. Since a user who has already visited your website is easier to convert than the one who has never done it, we help brands bring back these users and convert them into customers.

Services also  includes Digital Advertising, Email Marketing, Content Writing and Creative, Reporting, Blog writing .


 Data Support:-

Provides all types of data supports searching and updating products data on all types of ecommerce platform. Conversion of data from one platform to other. Uploading bulk data on websites. Extraction of data from different websites. Expertise in managing data on magento, opencart and woocommerce.